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Hi, I'm a graphic designer from Ukraine. I have 10+ years experience of identity, promo, package, print and digital design for agencies, companies and individuals. Love creating ideas and even more to see them come to life in a real world
aiia promo cards
idea / art direction / design
To create a unique gift to be given to the customers during the CES exhibition in Vegas.
To deliver the notion that aiia designs and manufactures cool gadgets, which can be used as incentive and promo gifts.
Accent the idea that these gadgets are not another plain cup or pen but a design thing, which is more likely to be found in the museum of design or at your client's or employer's home or office.

As long as it's Vegas, the idea was to create a poker pack of play cards with the most iconic gadgets ever designed.
All cards from 2 to 10 have different famous gadgets presented in order they were invented.
Jacks, Queens and Kings depict famous male and female designers and all Aces are the logos of the world-known design contest.
And of course a jocker - with the logo of aiia of course :)
All designs were made in illustrator from scratch by the open source references. The entire design and production took 1 month.

Work included: idea, copyright, design, package design, production supervision
idea / copyright / design
To create a concept for pasta made locally in Ukraine from Ukrainian flour but under supervision of the Italian manufacturer and in strict accordance with the traditional Italian recipes.
It should stand out on the shelves among the classic "landscape and pasta" designs, speak of traditional Italian values yet deliver the notion of a local Ukrainian brand.
Don Mamay - combination of Italian and Ukrainian in a brand name. A story of a Ukrainian boy who immigrated with the family to Italy, became a Don of Italian mafia, then quit it (no crimes and blood of course) and decided to come back to Ukraine to launch here a modern pasta making plant, which uses all modern technology, local resources and family recipes of his childhood in Italy.

Work included: naming, brand story, logo design, package design
idea / copyright / design / web design / digital design
To create a business concept for subscription box service. Create logo, packaging and design a web site.
All needs to be done within 1 month and with minimal budget available.
Hygge Box - service of gift boxes on demand. With original one being totally inspired by the book "Little Book of Hygge" by Michael Viking. Service also includes Gastronomical and SPA versions as well as an option to create a Hygge Box from scratch.
Site was made entirely on Tilda, with in-built CRM, orders tracking, etc.
First festive season resulted in 300 boxes sold without any paid advertising. Hygge Box was featured in several online lifestyle magazines as well as on national TV.
The service is still up and successfully running, though now being more oriented towards large corporate orders.

Work included: naming, brand story, logo design, package design, web site design, social media design, photos, etc
idea / design / web design
To create logo, merchandise elements, label design and a basic landing page design for a family run business of craft beer makers "Naked Bottle". The main requirement of the client is to make the design speak it's about beer, to be oriented towards younger generation of hipsters and millennials. Design has to be on a light side without getting into obvious nudity, showing intimate parts of body, etc. It has to be fun light-hearted yet bold enough for an alcohol brand. Logo has to be scalable for different beers, either in color or shape or a combo of both.
Naked Bottle logo, which uses the classic censored bars as a part of the logo and which also become part of the merchandise.
Logo can exist in its full version with the bottle and color elements for coding different beer style or be used as bars only version.
Famous video by Madonna was used as an inspiration for niche promoting (photos to be reshoot with a local look-a-like model)

Work included: logo design, label design, web site design
design / copyright / web design
To create a logo, slogan and promo pack for PanKe Shava band - a stylish, hot-tempered, ambitious, but sincere and open guys, who play music that can be described as "rock'n'love" with the elements of ethno music.
Created slogan "Band of Rock'n'love" became official positioning, music genre and eventually the essence of Panke Shave music.
New logo, band T shirts, band van and of course great music they played allowed the band to be noticed at Polish Woodstock and become wanted on many European festival for 3 consequitive years.
It was followed by a realeased CD, new design awarded web site and succesful tours.

Work included: slogan creation, logo design, merchandise design and production, web site design, print design, digital design
To create a full-scale brand book for a UAE based real estate company. Including such non-typical specifications as bridge ad banners and municipal transport stickers
Complete logo-usage reference book with both visuals and technical specification for print and usage was designed.

Work included: logo design, print design
POSM Designs
idea / design / print design
To create different Point Of Sale Materials for retail stores and supermarkets. Mostly for beauty and pet food business.
Using Photoshop only.
A number of design ideas for big brands, which were implemented and could be seen in the stores around Ukraine. One of them even got the design award in POSM category. My work was not limited to creating render only, but also included creating all print files for production.

Work included: design, print design
idea / design / print design
To create different package designs for retail and presentation purpose to stand out.
Packages that are still used and I personally come across here and there. Some were really limited, like the Mastercard package, others still can be found in the supermarkets.

Work included: design, print design
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